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Dear Sirs,

The company Piec-Bud-Rem was established in 1992 in Wroclaw. Since that time, the basic field of activity of the firm constitutes running and medium repairs of machinery and equipment for production of lime and cement. We specialize in assembly and repair of internal transportation and loading equipment (all kinds of conveyors, loading chutes, etc.). Apart from this, we offer fabrication and installation of steel structures, coverings of fluted sheet as well as sheet-metal work, renovation of concrete surfaces and anticorrosion works. Within the framework of cooperation we offer performance of the following works:

  1. Repairs of machinery and equipment
  2. Repairs of internal transportation equipment
  3. Repairs of other machinery and equipment
  4. Repair of systems, e.g. aeration and dust-extraction systems
  5. Renovation of concrete structure surfaces, e.g. tanks (silos) or structural elements of production bays, concrete trestles or bridges
  6. Execution of coverings with fluted sheets together with sheet-metal work
  7. Fabrication and installation of steel structures including platforms, gang boardings, barriers and other Health and Safety safeguards, etc.

From the beginning of the activity, we are in constant cooperation with the cement plants Górażdże Cement SA in Chorula (Heidelberg Group) and Cementownia "Odra" in Opole for whom we perform repair works on the basis of annual agreements. We maintain permanent groups of workers on-site in these plants. Our clients in building materials sector include: Cementownia Strzelce-Opolskie, Lhoist Opolwap in Tarnów Opolski, Górażdże Wapno, Żarowskie Zakłady Materiałów Ogniotrwałych and CERMIT Jegłowa. Among our other customers, we can mention, e.g.: power plant Elektrownia Opole, PKP (Polish State Railways) Opole, Lillehaden Dania, Hydropec Wrocław and many more.

At present, we employ workers of the following trades: welder, fitter, sheet-metal worker, painter and others.

We possess equipment essential for conducting repair works along with transport facilities.

We guarantee professional execution of capital construction and repair works, of quality that meets customer requirements.

We hope to undertake cooperation with you in the near future.

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