Our Offer

Within the framework of cooperation we offer performance of the following works:

  1. Repairs of machinery and equipment, including:
    • raw material mills,
    • coal mills/pulverizers,
    • cement mills.
    • The work offered includes replacement of plate linings, inspection of barrel along with welding works, inspection of bearings, repair of drive, etc.
  2. Repairs of internal transportation equipment:
    • conveyors: belt, screw, steel-member,
    • bucket elevators,
    • charging chutes,
    • charging hoppers, gates, inspection flaps and others.
  3. Repairs of other machinery and equipment,
    • electro-filters,
    • vibratory screens,
    • others.
  4. Repair of systems, e.g. aeration and dust-extraction systems, including:
    • dust-extraction systems, e.g. cement mills,
    • pipelines of loose and dust-like materials, including those made of abrasion-resisting materials, e.g. Castolin,
    • aeration ducts for transportation of cement and lime,
    • fabrication of elbows, gates, chutes and other system elements,
    • replacement of wearing elements in dust-extraction equipment, e.g. filter bags, fabric filters, seals.
  5. Execution of anticorrosion works:
    • abrasive-stream cleaning,
    • repair and regeneration of steel structures,
    • covering structures with protective coatings (painting).
  6. Renovation of concrete structure surfaces, e.g. tanks (silos) or structural elements of production bays, concrete trestles or bridges:
    • abrasive-stream cleaning of surfaces,
    • protection of reinforcements, repair and renovation of surfaces (filling up of cavities and applying putty), e.g. using SIKA materials/compounds,
    • coating the surfaces with paints.
  7. Execution of coverings with fluted sheets together with sheet-metal work:
    • walls and roofs of buildings,
    • shells of sheet-metal tanks and silos.
  8. Fabrication and installation of steel structures including platforms, gang boardings, barriers and other Health and Safety safeguards, etc.
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